Though malpractice is most commonly thought of in terms of medical negligence, nearly every profession is susceptible to negligence on the part of its practitioners. Doctors, accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, and insurance brokers are just a few of the many professionals that can provide services that fall far below the level of service and skill that is reasonably expected of them. When a professional of any type provides a service that is determined to be negligent, and that negligence results in some kind of harm to their client, then the American justice system permits a lawsuit to be filed seeking compensation for the damage that has been caused. If you have been a victim of professional negligence, contact the attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz. We have a successful record of getting justice for our clients who have suffered at the hands of carelessness, negligence and disregard.

Negligence is defined as a failure in fulfilling the duty of care. When there is a question of whether negligence has been committed by a professional who is supposed to be working on behalf of a client, the determination is generally based upon whether the service that was provided fell below the standards of what would reasonably be expected of another professional in the same field. If a physician causes harm to his patient and another physician testifies that the care that was provided was subpar in terms of what the patient would have received from another physician in the same field treating the same condition in the same area, then it is considered negligence. The same principal applies to other professions, though the harm that is caused by a physician is usually physical, where other types of professional negligence tend to result in financial or economic harm.

There are many examples of the types of actions – or inactions – that can constitute professional negligence. These include providing poor advice; acting in an unethical way; failure to show up at a meeting or court hearing; filling out tax forms improperly; sharing confidential information; and erecting a building that is not in compliance with regulatory codes and common practices. In each of these examples and many others, the client is likely to have suffered some kind of damage or loss for which a monetary value can be determined, and that is the compensation that an experienced malpractice attorney will pursue on your behalf.  In most cases, these cases are won through enlisting the testimony of expert witnesses. These witnesses are other professionals in the field in question who provide invaluable information about what their industry’s professional standards.

At Bochetto & Lentz, we understand that not all injuries are physical in order for real damage to be done, and we have a record of successfully establishing that to juries as well. Put your case in the hands of  our successful malpractice law firm in order to provide yourself with dedicated, knowledgeable legal advocates.

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