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“Gavin Lentz & Al Belmont work hand & hand on my business divorce matter and provided relentless professional expertise & support. Throughout a very difficult & tenuous time for me making a significant change in my professional career, I was reassured to have them in my corner.”

“Bochetto and Lentz is a very caring and skilled law firm. When my mother died unexpectedly, they made sure that not only justice was done but that I was cared for and got the advice and expertise I needed to continue on with my life. Not only were the in-house lawyers professional and caring but all their outside advisers were as well. They have a wealth of knowledge and will share it with their clients. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

“Just wanted to say “Thank You” for everything you have done for me in my case so far.  When I hired you, I was in dire straits and was at rock bottom of an emotional roller coaster. What a turn-around! We are in control now! I know we still have our “final stand” (whether it be a settlement or trial) and hope that we can come to some resolution soon…but I know this Christmas will be a bit merrier for me than the last two years.”

“I was wrongly accused by a person who later admitted he had “No Facts” eleven separate times under oath. Mr. Bochetto and his staff were consummate professionals. When necessary, they worked all weekend – I know, I was there with them all day Saturday and Sunday – to prepare for a particularly important deposition. Mr. Bochetto dismantled the lying deponent – he lied 48 separate times under oath – during that deposition. I received a unanimous jury verdict in my favor after an 8 day fully litigated trial. The jury only had to deliberate 55 minutes, including the jury’s lunch, to find in my favor. My countersuit is now in progress. The professionalism of Bochetto & Lentz extends from the top all the way to the associates, paralegals, accounting department, and the receptionist. There simply are no holes in this well-oiled, aggressive legal machine. Mr. Bochetto has an especially creative and insightful legal mind. I saw a letter where a common pleas court judge referred to Mr. Bochetto as a “Master Litigator.” From my experience, this is perfectly true. If you must litigate, you will be in very good hands indeed with this battle tested litigation-only law firm.”

“Gavin and Vincent worked with us on a mediation case, and the outcome could not have been better. They took the time to deeply understand our case, came prepared, and got us a resolution that we could have never done ourselves or with another lawyer. Their ability to think not just about the legal side, but also the business side, of the transaction is impressive. I can’t say enough about how highly I would recommend Bochetto & Lentz.”

“Gavin and Anton of Bochetto & Lentz has been general counsel for my company since 2013. The improvement was obvious almost immediately from speed of service, execution and efficiency of transactional and strategic work, and personalized approach to our business. We made the move over to them after watching two previous firms mishandle and mismanage our business. The other firms were very expensive and they did not always deliver what they promised.

Anton and Gavin think of us first, not themselves. They focus on getting us the optimal result for the best investment every single time. Even when we recommend a less efficient route, they guide us back to the best strategy rather than letting our emotions get the best of us. They have settled incredibly tough cases in litigation through mediation when it would have benefited them financially to recommend we take it to court. Finally, when they are not experts on a specific part of the law, they let you know rather than pretend they can handle everything.

Thank you, we certainly don’t make it easy on you guys sometimes. We appreciate the hard work.”

“I was fortunate to know and trust David before he answered my call for help. I was hit by someone running a stop sign and badly injured. Not ever being in this situation, my mind went immediately to the Hospital bills. When I woke from surgery number one I called David right away. I knew I was in excellent hands. He and his efficient secretary Janine never let me down at any point in the during the horrendous 15 months that followed. When I got down they talked me through all. David knows his stuff! I followed his advise and honestly, the case ended exactly as he said from day one. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance!”

“Philadelphia Lawyer. A lawyer of outstanding ability, a keen scent for the weakness of an adversary’s case and a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of the law. Gavin Lentz fits this description perfectly. Thank the Lord he’s on my side and not vice versa.”

“My wife and I had hired an attorney that was moving slow and not making our case a priority. We contacted Gavin and he met with us immediately. He was polite, honest and straightforward. He took over our case and provided us with weekly updates. What took over 6 years was fixed by Gavin in a month! He is a very talented and knowledgeable lawyer and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. You will be lucky to have him on your side!”

“I have retained many lawyers up and down the east coast over the past three decades. I can say without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever that Gavin Lentz is far the best attorney whether it be for personal or corporate matters.. If you are concerned unnecessary [sic] repetitious [sic] and costly legal procedures that do not produce a result, contact Mr Lentz. He has represented me on several legal matters, both personal and business, all of which resulted in a positive outcome, even the ones I was most concerned with. I am not one to take the time to review or commend anyone, however in this case if you need a no nonsense direct approach, and a lawyer who will produce results contact Mr Lentz.”

“David has superior listening skills, is very interested in, and understanding of your issue, and takes swift and strong measures to ensure a result. And a result we did receive! Excellent experience.”

While voting on a five-year renewed charter granted by the Philadelphia School Reform Commission after years of litigation, B&L client Community Academy included the following in their Board of Trustee Minutes:

“Mr. Proietta stated that the negotiations took four months and several back and forths over details of almost every paragraph and specifics of language. He wished to thank the law firm of Bochetto and Lentz PC and particularly David Heim, Esq., who represented CAP before Court of Common Pleas, Commonwealth Court, and the Charter Appeal Board to successfully right the wrong that was done to CAP by the former members of the SRC.”


“Nearly two years ago I was introduced to David Heim Attorney at law by a mutual friend. My case was one that involved a family dispute in the estate of our Mother and brother’s estate. After meeting with Dave, he was able to guide me through first step in a settlement which was one of many. His goal was to get the job done with thinking of me as the priority. He helped me make decisions that would lead to a favorable outcome. There were times I wished things would have moved quicker but I now know there was a reason for the thorough examination of my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the settlement and would highly recommend David Heim and or his firm.”

“Dear Matt and the team,

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and cannot thank you enough for the incredible work you have done for us. Your preparation and knowledge of the case were truly outstanding, and you made [opposing counsel] look like a complete amateur. It became very clear what we were investing in with you guys! I can’t say enough in this email or have the word to express how happy I am.

This victory is a huge win for us, and we have been in limbo for far too long as a company. Thanks to your hard work, my team and I are glowing today, and we can finally move forward with confidence.


“Matt Minsky is an outstanding litigator. He is an excellent attorney who has experience in handling matters that are complex in nature to a successful outcome. Matt provided us excellent representation and achieved a very favorable result for us in a complex lawsuit. We highly recommend Matt Minsky given his work ethic, abilities, and integrity.

-Timothy K. & Kathleen C.”

Gavin and Matt,

We would like to express a note of appreciation and thanks to Bochetto & Lentz for their efforts in bringing an ongoing conflict to a positive conclusion. Gavin Lentz and Matthew Minsky were outstanding with their tenacity and willingness in employing the rarely used Dragonetti action to get an unfounded case dropped by the opposing counsel. We are forever grateful for their help in resolving.

Thanks again!

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