Our Practice Areas

The following is a sampling of what we consider our “areas of expertise.” Unlike other law firms’ lists, this only represents the
areas where we truly consider ourselves experts based on our past experience.

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Sometimes, challenging cases can benefit from an out-of-the-box approach, like mediation. In these circumstances, we play the role of a professional facilitator, helping both sides arrive at a resolution that is fair, timely, and cost effective. At Bochetto & Lentz, we have over 40 years of experience helping parties find creative solutions to complex situations. We have personally been through just about every type of litigation scenario, and have represented an incredibly diverse mix of clients, while maintaining civility and professionalism with our adversaries. It is because of this vast body of litigation experience and professionalism that B&L is often asked to serve as mediators of disputes.

Most recently, founding partner George Bochetto was tapped to mediate a hotly contested and public law firm breakup that many said could never settle. George, having litigated many, many similar cases, worked tirelessly into the night on a Friday evening and helped the parties achieve a settlement. This type of story has become more and more common as B&L attorneys continue to be hired as mediators because of their litigation experience and ingenuity to solve complex problems in cases such as business divorces, commercial disputes, personal injury, legal malpractice, and medical malpractice.

Expert Witness Services

B&L attorneys are routinely hired as testifying experts in legal malpractice cases, abuse of process and wrongful use of civil proceedings (known as “Dragonetti” Act claims). We are hired by Plaintiff and Defense counsel in these matters. As fellow trial lawyers, we understand what a litigating attorney needs and expects from an expert witness. We also understand what it takes to prepare for live testimony. We bring all of this experience to the benefit of the lawyer and his client. These engagements involve us reviewing all case material and issuing comprehensive written expert reports, followed by live testimony before juries and judges. We are mindful of the trust reposed in us when we are hired by a fellow litigator, and we genuinely enjoy delivering top-shelf work products to our colleagues, helping them help their clients.

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