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In a recent feature by “We the Italians” magazine, George Bochetto is spotlighted for his pivotal role in defending the legacy of Christopher Columbus in American courts.

George’s legal battles against the removal of Columbus statues and the cancellation of Columbus Day highlight a deep commitment to correcting historical inaccuracies and safeguarding Italian American heritage.

His efforts underscore the firm’s dedication to justice, showcasing how procedural and judicial standards must be upheld. Through George’s work, Bochetto & Lentz demonstrates its commitment to preserving the cultural and historical contributions of Italian Americans to the fabric of American society.

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February 19th, 2024|

Bochetto Attorneys win business dispute arbitration

Recently, founding B&L partner, George Bochetto, and senior B&L associate John O’Connell, conducted a trial before a three member panel arbitration involving a years long business dispute between owners of a large, regional vending business with annual revenues exceeding $18 million. The trial involved the parties’ dispute over a complicated options buy-out contract, where our client’s adversary was enforcing his option to buy our client’s shares based on an erroneous interpretation of the contractual buy-out formula, which, Bochetto successfully argued, was ambiguous and the parties had previously settled. The three member arbitration panel — including two former judges — accepted Bochetto’s arguments in full, resulting in a win for B&L’s client, who received a recovery in excess of $8 million.

Over the years, B&L has earned a reputation for taking on such complicated, commercial litigation cases involving partnership breakups and shareholder disputes in a wide-array of industries. If you think you have problems in the corporate litigation area, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to assist you through it.

September 1st, 2022|

Bochetto Attorneys Score Win in Trademark Suit

When arts and crafts retailer Michaels used another company’s picture frame design, the company that made the original product decided to file a trademark infringement lawsuit and called the Bochetto team.

The plaintiff in this case, MCS Industries, alleged that the defendant, Michaels Stores Inc., copied their trademarked “Format” frames with Michaels’ Structure brand picture frames, even copying the instruction manual. MCS Industries claims that this infringement on their trademarked frames resulted in serious financial losses for the company, seeing sales reduced by 70 percent and losing over $1 million in revenue when Michaels, who originally bought the frames from MCS, introduced their own frames. MCS also says they lost their business with Michaels after that as well.

This case has not gone to discovery yet and the Michaels’ legal team was attempting to get the case thrown out before it went any further. However, the judge ruled that, given the allegations made, it was premature to throw away the case. All in all, the judge rejected Michael’s attempts to throw away the case and their argument that MCS didn’t show clear concrete losses resulting from the infringement.

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May 5th, 2022|

Attorney David P. Heim Recognized As One Of The Best Attorneys In Pennsylvania

Best of the Bar™ proudly congratulates Attorney David P. Heim and Bochetto & Lentz, P.C. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for achieving one of the Top 100 Verdicts in Pennsylvania in 2021.

Best of the Bar™ membership is limited annually to fewer than the Top 1% of all licensed attorneys, and is only bestowed after a rigorous investigation and verification process. The Best of the Bar™ Medal has been commissioned, designed and minted by the makers of the Pulitzer Prize Medal and the National Medal of Science and honors this accomplishment.

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March 22nd, 2022|

Bryan Lentz, David Heim and Peter Bryant involved in Pa. Supreme Court Set to Weigh Updating Venue Guidance in Internet Defamation Case

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is slated to consider how venue rules it established 53 years ago apply to today’s technology in a hearing over where an internet defamation suit can be tried.

On Sept. 22, the justices will hear the consolidated appeals of four parties in Fox v. Smith against a 2019 Superior Court decision that found that the state Supreme Court’s 1967 Gaetano v. Sharon Herald ruling could still be used as precedent in determining the proper venue for a defamation suit.

Bryan Lentz, David Heim and Peter Bryant of Bochetto & Lentz are representing Fox.

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September 21st, 2021|
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