Nobody goes to an amusement park anticipating that they will get hurt, but unfortunately it happens thousands of times every year. From thrilling water slides to jostling bumper cars to shriek-inducing roller coasters, all of the attractions that are meant to provide pure enjoyment can unfortunately result in injuries and even death. If you have suffered an injury while riding on an amusement park ride or while a guest in an amusement park, you may be able to hold the owner of the park, their employees, or the manufacturer of the defective ride for the damage that you have suffered, and an amusement park injury attorney can help. Call the experienced attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz to see how our expert representation can increase your chances of getting the maximum compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered.


Amusement park injuries can range from minor to traumatic. The injuries that are most frequently suffered are:


  • Head, neck and back injuries, particularly whiplash
  • Falling or being thrown from a ride
  • Stroke as a result of trauma to the neck ligaments
  • Traumatic brain injury from G-forces of extreme speeds
  • Head injury and eye injuries from loose objects
  • Cuts, bruises, broken bones, torn ligaments
  • Drowning from water-based rides, including slides and lazy rivers


These injuries can be caused by a number of different factors, including defects of the rides mechanical aspects; incorrect or improper operation of the ride or failure to provide oversight; dangerous nature of the ride itself, including those that operate at high rates of speed or which spin rapidly; passenger failing to follow instructions or willfully behaving inappropriately while riding.


When an injury occurs on an amusement park ride that is caused by operator error, this qualifies as negligence. This can include stopping a ride too quickly, failing to properly inspect the ride or check riders for height and other physical restrictions, failing to properly secure riders, or not supervising the ride while it is operating. The amusement park owner can also be found negligent in these instances, as is generally considered to be their responsibility to ensure that their employees are properly trained and acting responsibly. The owner can also be held responsible if they fail to post appropriate warning signs, fail to inspect the rides or provide incorrect instructions to riders. In addition to the liability of the park owner and their employees, if it s determined that the ride itself was defective or improperly designed or installed, then the ride’s manufacturer can also be held responsible.


Many people who are injured in amusement park accidents fear that they will not be able to pursue the amusement park owner for damages that they have suffered because of disclaimers that are printed on amusement park tickets, but an experienced attorney from Bochetto & Lentz can put these fears to rest. In most cases a skilled lawyer will be able to argue against that defense and help you to get the compensation for your medical expenses and other damages that you’ve suffered. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.


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