Every business relationship starts out with the best of intentions, but conflicts can arise. These can involve disputes between different companies, between management and an employee, and between a company and its vendors, and each of these problems can generally be resolved through mediation or litigation. But when a dispute arises over control of the organization itself, things can become truly challenging. The principals that control a business have a responsibility to one another as well as to the shareholders of the organization, and that means that it is essential that they are in agreement on important issues and have trust for one another. When the relationships between partners breaks down, you need experienced attorneys to help you navigate your way through the problem. In some cases we are able to help through careful negotiation and mediation. In some cases litigation is the appropriate answer. And in some cases the best answer is either voluntary or involuntary dissolution. At Bochetto & Lentz, we have extensive experience in helping organizations of all sizes work their way through their problems.

It doesn’t matter whether your organization is a professional practice, a manufacturing company, a retail store or a family business, when disputes arise it can interrupt the flow of business. There are a number of things that can cause these problems, including declining revenues, differing opinions on the business’ future, dishonesty, and simple clashes of personality. Whatever the cause, there are a number of solutions available, and an experienced attorney can help you find them. Here are four ways that an attorney can assist you in resolving or preventing a business control dispute:

  1. Create a well-crafted partnership agreement that addresses areas of potential concern. This proactive approach can often head off problems before they arise because they document all of the procedures, goals, contributions and expectations of the parties involved.
  2. Dispute resolution through mediation and negotiation is often one of the most efficient and effective methods of addressing business control issues. As an unbiased and neutral voice, an attorney can help root out the basis for the disagreement and come up with a number of options to resolve the issue without resorting to litigation.
  3. Voluntary dissolution is one option when partners decide that they cannot continue working together. When partners agree to dissolve a relationship, a plan is put in place regarding notification to clients and customers and the division of assets, responsibilities, and liabilities.
  4. Involuntary dissolution is sometimes the only solution when no agreement can be reached. It invites the court in to determine responsibilities and distribution of assets and liabilities.

As experienced business lawyers, the attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz are experienced in providing mediation services, financial assessments and other services needed to reach a resolution in business control disputes. Call us today to discuss how we may be of service.

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