The term “white collar crime” has been in use since 1939, when sociologist Edwin Sutherland used it to describe crimes “committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.”  The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)website simplifies the definition down to “lying, cheating, and stealing.”  It is basically used to describe a nonviolent crime that a business or government professional may perpetrate for their own financial advancement. Examples of white collar crimes include:


  • Fraud (Bank, Bankruptcy, Health Care, Insurance, etc.)
  • Securities law violations
  • Embezzlement
  • Advance fee schemes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Rico violations
  • Identity theft


White collar crimes are being pursued aggressively by the FBI, with investigative efforts in the areas of government audits, regulatory investigations, civil fraud and contract fraud on the upswing. Those who are accused of committing these types of crimes need skilled, experienced legal representation to ensure that their rights are preserved and an aggressive defense is presented. The Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz has a record of successfully defending clients against charges of white collar crime.


White collar crime is defined by both state and federal statutes, but it is largely pursued by federal agencies. These can include the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, The Secret Service, U.S. Customs, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission. States have their own agencies to enforce their laws. The FBI estimates that white collar crime costs upwards of $300 billion dollars per year in the United States, and as a result their pursuit of the perpetrators is diligent. Those who are accused of these types of crimes face potential penalties ranging from fines and home detention to forfeitures and imprisonment.  In most cases a charge of having committed a white collar crime is the result of an extended investigation by the authorities, with some cases taking years to develop. If you suspect that you are being investigated for a white collar crime, it is essential that you seek knowledgeable legal counsel as soon as possible in order to protect your rights and ensure that your defense is as thorough as possible. Bochetto & Lentz is a Philadelphia white collar crime law firm that has the experience and resources that you need.


If you are accused or being investigated on a white collar crime violation, contact our experienced law firm immediately. At Bochetto & Lentz, our understanding of the processes of internal investigations, grand jury hearings, administrative enforcement hearings and criminal trials makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with a defense strategy that will work for you. We will work hard to help you avoid prosecution entirely, and if you face criminal charges our extensive trial experience ensures that you will receive a vigorous, aggressive defense. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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