People who have worked hard to build their business and make a name for themselves and their product have a right to protect their investment, and that is what trademark law is all about. A trademark is any word, phrase or symbol that is used to represent a company’s products and set them apart from those of their competitors. The biggest trademarks are so easily identified that their names have become synonymous with their entire industry – for example Kleenex is often used to describe any kind of tissue and Band-Aid is used to refer to all adhesive bandages.

Casual usage by consumers aside, it is important for manufacturers and business owners to follow all the correct steps when doing a trademark search, when registering their trademark, and in enforcing their trademark in order to ensure that it is protected against infringement or dilution. Most legal issues of trademark protection are covered by federal and state law, and the knowledgeable Philadelphia trademark lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz are well-versed in all actions with regard to ensuring that you follow all of the established rules and can enjoy the full benefit of your trademark. For assistance in all issues related to trademarks, contact us today.

When opening a new business, the first step in protecting yourself is to conduct a comprehensive trademark search and, upon determining that a trademark is available, completing all of the appropriate steps to apply for a trademark registration.  In some cases an application for a trademark will receive a trademark Office action which may require a response. The attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz have extensive experience in trademark applications and can help you make sense of the response you receive and submit an appropriate response.  Once your trademark is registered we can provide you with all of the protections that you need, including trademark monitoring and renewals.

Perhaps most importantly, once your trademark has been established you may find that someone else has filed a trademark application that you wish to oppose, or that a trademark has been registered that you believe is infringing on your trademark and which you wish to cancel. If you are in need of trademark enforcement we are able to represent you through every phase of legal proceedings, from filing an opposition or cancellation to sending out a cease and desist letter. Should things go beyond these initial actions and you need to file a trademark infringement lawsuit, our skilled Philadelphia trademark attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to defend your rights.

The Philadelphia trademark attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz are dedicated to assisting businesses of all types to protect themselves, their intellectual property and their trademarks. We have a record of success in representing our clients and providing them with the confidence that they are being provided by competent, caring professionals. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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