cancel a contractGenerally, the person who signs a contract doesn’t have the right or ability to cancel a contract. However, there are some cases where a contract may be able to be canceled in Pennsylvania. Even with these exceptions in mind, it’s imperative to read every contract signed in great detail and to shop around extensively for the best bargain, as preventative measures are always more effective than fixing a problem after the fact.

FAQ on Certain Contracts that can be Canceled

  • What types of contracts could be canceled? There are certain contracts that could be canceled if done within the first few days after signing. Such contracts include:
    • Some contracts that were made with a loan broker.
    • A mortgage or lien that is placed on your home.
    • Eligible home improvement or related contracts.
    • Health clubs, credit repair clinics, membership campgrounds, time-share contracts.
    • Door-to-door sales contracts.
  • How do I properly cancel a door-to-door contract? A person has the right to cancel a contract that was created during a door-to-door sales transaction if:
    • It was an agreement to buy goods or services that cost over $25 and such agreement was made:
      • as a result of a seller visiting the home;
      • anywhere besides where sales normally take place, such as a roadside truck sale or house party.

These contracts must be canceled in writing. When this happens, the seller is required to give you a written notice outlining your right to cancel along with two copies of a cancellation form. To cancel, fill out and send over one of the forms and keep the second for your own records.

  • What happens after I cancel a door-to-door sales contract? After you cancel the contract, the salesperson has up to 20 days to return your money and have the right to pick up the item during those 20 days. If the time passes and they have not picked up the product, you are allowed to either keep or discard the item.

If you have signed up for a contract in Pennsylvania and want to cancel the contract but are having issues with the vendor, contact the law firm of Bochetto & Lentz today. Our team will ensure your rights are protected.