Childbirth is one of life’s miracles, but it is not without its dangers. No matter how well an expectant mother takes care of herself, birth injuries can occur during delivery that can result in permanent disabilities and even deaths. New parents are often so focused on doing everything that they can to help their injured child that they fail to recognize that birth trauma may have been preventable. It is an unfortunate fact that in many cases, these injuries are a result of negligence on the part of a physician or other health care professional. The Philadelphia birth injury lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz can help you take a closer look at what happened during your birth process and determine whether you or your child have been the victim of carelessness.

There are generally two different types of birth injuries that can occur during a birth: mechanical and anoxic. Mechanical injuries are a result of some kind of physical force, such as a pushing or pulling during delivery, while anoxic birth injuries are a result of the child being deprived of oxygen during the birth process.  Examples of mechanical injuries are most frequently brachial plexus injuries or brain trauma caused by the use of forceps, or some other form of trauma to the child’s head. Examples of anoxic injuries include brain damage, blindness or other visual problems, and cerebral palsy.

Birth injuries can also result from inappropriate prenatal care. Such issues as a failure to diagnose and treat maternal infections which can be transmitted to the baby, failure to appropriately recognize and treat maternal medical conditions such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, failure to recognize that a woman is at risk for premature birth and to prevent it, and failure to recognize abnormal position and presentation can all lead to permanent damage, lifelong disabilities, and even death.

Lawsuits involving birth injuries are highly complex and highly emotional, and it is important that you select a Philadelphia birth injury attorney who has the skill and experience that is needed to make sure that you and your child get the compensation and support that you need and deserve. When a child is disabled by a birth injury there will be immediate medical expenses as well as the possibility that care may be needed for the rest of their life. The Philadelphia birth injury attorneys of Bochetto & Lentz have the resources required to make sure that your child’s needs are fully represented. We will not only provide you with legal representation that makes clear where the cause of and fault for the injury lies, but also that your child’s prognosis and life needs are fully addressed and understood.

As the parent of a child who has suffered a birth injury, you want to make sure that you select an attorney who understands your child’s needs and will work hard to make sure that they get everything that they deserve. Call Bochetto & Lentz today for compassionate, experienced birth injury representation.

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