The False Claims Act is a federal law designed to combat fraud against the government. It was first established during the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln created it as a way to combat contractors that were cheating the Army, but it has only been in the last thirty years that the true value of the law has been realized. In 1986 the United States Congress amended the False Claims Act in a way that created generous incentives for American citizens who were aware of fraud to come forward and sue on the government’s behalf. Since these changes were introduced, billions of dollars have been recovered by the government from those who have attempted to defraud it, and billions in reward money have been distributed to the whistleblowers who have bravely stepped forward. If you are aware of a situation in which waste, fraud or abuse is costing the government money and would like information on how to file a whistleblower lawsuit, the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz can help. Our false claims act attorneys can help protect your rights in Philadelphia, PA, and make sure that your claim is filed in a way that maximizes your reward.

If you are aware of an individual, business or organization that is defrauding the government and want to file a False Claims Act lawsuit, then you will become what is known as a whistleblower, or relator. There is a highly specific process for filing a whistleblower lawsuit, which includes preparing and filing a complaint under seal in a U.S. District Court and giving a copy with all supporting documents to the U.S. Attorney General. The accused and the public will be unaware of the complaint until the government completes their investigation of your claim and unseals it – this can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. The government will then decide whether it is going to intervene or not – this means that it chooses whether to pursue the case. If it chooses not to, you can still pursue the case on your own, on the government’s behalf.

It is essential that a person considering filing a whistleblower claim act quickly and work with an experienced False Claims Act attorney. Only the first relator to file a claim about a specific situation is permitted whistleblower status, and the quality of the preparation of the claim submitted to the government will have a tremendous impact on whether it will be selected by the government for intervention or not. A qualified False Claims Act attorney in Philadelphia will also be able to advise you regarding issues of retaliation on the part of the defendants, and will make sure that your rights are fully protected. The lawyers at the Philadelphia, PA law firm of Bochetto & Lentz have successfully represented many clients in their False Claims Act lawsuits, and we can help you as well. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your concerns.

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