Starting a new business requires a lot of work and a lot of investment, including investing your time in educating yourself about the various legal steps that are required. In doing the necessary research, you’ve undoubtedly come across articles discussing the various types of entities your business can be organized as, and you may even have made a decision that an LLC is the right type of organization for you. With that in mind, you may believe you can just fill out the forms and collect the documents yourself, without the benefit of legal help.  That may be true, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

Though there are no requirements that you use a lawyer to form an LLC, there are a couple of very good reasons why you should at the very least consult with one.  The first is that an attorney can help you with the forms and documents needed and make sure that they’re completed properly, but the second reason is probably the one that’s most important; an experienced business attorney can review your needs and the various laws and requirements to make sure that your choice of an LLC organization is actually the most appropriate and beneficial one for you.

Most people read a couple of articles and make the decision to form an LLC, but a business lawyer will have the experience and knowledge of having worked with people who have come to regret that decision. To help protect you against that possibility, they will walk you through several questions and scenarios to make sure that a corporation wouldn’t be a better choice. They can also help you make important decisions about the LLC if it turns out that it is the best choice for you, such as whether your LLC should be manager-managed or member-managed.

An attorney will take the time to answer all of your questions, making sure that you fully understand all of the implications of all of your decisions, as well as to educate you about other legal requirements that may be unfamiliar to you. To ensure that the work you’re putting into starting your business is protected and you get started on the right foot, contact us today to set up an appointment. We can discuss your business organization needs, as well as other important issues you may not have thought of.