People who are creative, as well as those who run a business, are innovators. They are constantly coming up with new and distinctive ideas, and sometimes those ideas need protecting. Registering a trademark is one way to make sure that your property – whether it is a title, name, phrase, slogan, logo or design, or even a specific type of lettering or coloring – is specifically protected as yours so that nobody else can use it. Trademark protection is very important, because it makes sure that what is memorable about you, your product and your business model remains associated with you and that nobody else gets any benefit from it. Though not every logo or design requires trademark protection, many do. If you’re wondering whether trademark protection is appropriate for you, the Philadelphia lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz can advise you both on your needs and all the steps that are involved.

There are a number of steps involved in investigating and registering a trademark, and making sure that these steps are carefully carried out is essential. One of the first things that a trademark attorney will do on your behalf is to check to see whether the mark that you wish to protect is already registered by somebody else. Though most people feel fully capable of searching in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s files on their own, not every proposed mark is in their database. One of the experienced Philadelphia trademark lawyers from Bochetto & Lentz will be able to provide you with more a comprehensive search than you will be able to do on your own, as well as to provide you with an informed recommendation as to whether a trademark application is required.

Once a decision has been made to pursue a trademark application, the process becomes immediately more complex. There are strict deadlines and rules imposed on the process, and it is essential that all of them are adhered to or you can lose your standing in a trademark litigation. Further, once you have successfully registered your trademark it is important that you continue to pay the fees to maintain your standing as well as paperwork called a Declaration of Continued Use (or Declaration of Excusable NonUse) or else the registration can be cancelled and another party can then pick up the trademark rights.

Though some people choose to skip the trademark process, it does offer several important benefits, including official notification of ownership of the trademark, evidence of the ownership of the trademark, and it can provide a basis for later registering in other countries. It can also help to protect your brand from infringement, both by local actors and foreign actors. In order to learn more about whether applying for a trademark is appropriate for you and your business, contact the Philadelphia trademark attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz. Let our experience and knowledge help you to make the right decision.

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