Defamation can be a very serious issue for people who live their lives in the public eye. Defamation of character occurs when the words of one individual or organization harm the reputation of another. It can lead to serious repercussions for the defamed party, who may lose their standing in their community, lose opportunities, or even lose income because of what was said. Recently, attorney David Heim of Bochetto & Lentz worked on a defamation case involving former Olympian and Pennsylvania Politician, Marty Nothstein.

In 2018, Nothstein was running for election to one of Pennsylvania’s seats in the US House of Representatives as a Republican nominee. Eleven days prior to announcing his intention to run in this election, an anonymous source informed USA Cycling that a woman had accused Nothstein of sexual misconduct during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The accuser later signed legal papers saying the allegations were false and the case was closed. USA Cycling proceeded to report Nothstein as being suspended and informed a Pennsylvania newspaper of the incident without proper research.

David Heim is representing Nothstein and filed a lawsuit against USA Cycling and the newspaper, The Morning Call. Recently, a federal judge said he would not dismiss the lawsuit. Heim argues that the information released to the Morning Call was true, but that the important information, such as the fact that the case was 18 years old and that the victim denied the allegation, was omitted.

You can find more information on this story HERE.

If you’ve been the victim of defamation, your reputation has suffered, and you have incurred some injury because of it, you should find an attorney immediately. David Heim and other experienced attorneys are ready to help you, so contact Bochetto & Lentz to discuss your options today!