The Bochetto and Lentz team recently scored a hard-fought victory for one of our clients in a case regarding a non-compete contract.

Our client, the defendant in this case, left her job with the plaintiff and began working with the plaintiff’s competitor. After discovering that their former employee had taken a job with their direct competition via a LinkedIn update on the defendant’s profile, the plaintiff sent a notice to the defendant asking her to send them proof that she had left her new position with the competitor within 14 days because her employment with the plaintiff’s competitor violated the non-compete agreement that the defendant had entered into when employed by the plaintiff.

Our team, on behalf of the defendant and the company she was now working for, filed a declaratory action on the grounds that her new employment was not applicable to the provisions in the non-compete and the non-compete was unenforceable. She also claimed that the plaintiff didn’t provide fair compensation and support while she was employed with them. In response, the plaintiff filed a complaint for breach of contract and requested that the defendant be barred from working with their competitor.

We continued to fight for our client and filed a motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s complaint. That motion was then granted by the court and the plaintiff’s attempts to stop the defendant from working with their competitor were denied, resulting in a victory for our client and in the case being thrown out.

As experienced litigators who have seen both sides of this kind of fight, we know what it takes to win non-compete cases. If you need to speak to an experienced attorney about this kind of issue, contact our team today.

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