What is a Non-Solicitation Agreement?

As a business owner, you know that your employees are your most valuable asset, and losing a particularly talented worker can represent a blow to both team morale and to success. It can also represent [...]

What Are the Common Causes of Shareholder Disputes?

Infighting among a business’s owners is more than a source of stress and irritation. It can quickly distract from progress and impeded operational success to the point where shareholders end up disbanding the business entirely. [...]

How to Prove Invasion of Privacy

We are all entitled to privacy, but we tend to take it for granted — right up until the point that it has been violated. Invasion of privacy is illegal, and with advances in technology [...]

When Can I Sue My Attorney for Legal Malpractice?

Most people are familiar with medical malpractice but don’t know what must be proven in order to win a case. They think that if they aren’t healed, or if their loved one died, they can [...]

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