The Most Famous Intellectual Property Disputes

A good idea is worth protecting, and sometimes that means going to court. Whether you’ve taken out a patent on an invention, have created and copyrighted a piece of art, or have proprietary processes whose [...]

What to Do If I Suspect Accounting Malpractice?

The services of a professional accountant are invaluable, whether you are a business owner or just an individual with complex accounting needs. Unfortunately, not every accountant holds themselves to the high standards you expect. If [...]

Bochetto Attorneys Score Win in Trademark Suit

When arts and crafts retailer Michaels used another company’s picture frame design, the company that made the original product decided to file a trademark infringement lawsuit and called the Bochetto team. The plaintiff in this [...]

What is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

Fiduciary duty is a legal term that described the responsibility that one individual or entity has to another to act in another’s financial interest. Though a fiduciary duty refers to living up to the trust [...]

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