Covid-19 Update

The unprecedented current climate has raised unique and challenging issues for litigation. With the widespread quarantine orders and subsequent impact on commerce, everyone needs to prepare for the resultant effects on lives and businesses. Contractual [...]

Famous Intellectual Property Claims

Intellectual property is a legal term of art that describes creations of the human mind. It encompasses anything that has a copyright, patent or trademark, and also includes trade secrets. Individuals and companies can file [...]

What are the Most Common Causes of Personal Injury?

Personal injury lawsuits are those that are filed by people who have suffered as a result of another’s negligence. Though these lawsuits cannot reverse the clock or erase the harm that has been done, they [...]

What Employees Need to Know About Non-Compete Agreements

Employees are increasingly being asked to sign legal documents known as non-compete agreements, with some surveys showing that roughly 20% of employees are currently bound by these restrictive contracts. Unfortunately, many people feel that they [...]

Famous RICO Cases Throughout History

RICO is a law that was originally passed in 1970. Legend has it that the law – created to allow the government to crack down on the Mafia — was named after a character named [...]

How to Dissolve a Business Partnership

Forming a business partnership is much like deciding to marry, though they each have very different long-term goals. Both are contractual relationships that require specific steps in order to bring them to an end. Ending [...]

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