Common Legal Issues with Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are a controversial topic. Employers feel that they are essential to maintaining their business’ competitive edge or to protecting trade secrets, intellectual property, and even training methods. Employees see them as an unfair [...]

How to Legally Terminate a Business Partnership

A business partnership is a legal entity, and that means that there are specific requirements for bringing it to a close. Whether the partnership is ending due to retirement or death, having achieved its goals, [...]

Can an Employer Sue an Employee for Breach of Contract?

Hiring an employee is always a step into the unknown. Depending upon the position you’re filling, the process can be a quick decision or may involve significant time and resources spent interviewing and checking references. [...]

How Do Non-Compete Agreements Protect Trade Secrets?

A few years ago, fast-food companies and others were the subject of consternation and criticism when it was learned that they were using non-compete agreements to keep minimum wage employees from moving on to other [...]

Requirements for Filing a Dragonetti Act Claim

The Dragonetti Act is specific to the state of Pennsylvania. It has been in place for more than forty years and was specifically drafted to address the wrongful use of civil proceedings. It provides those [...]

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