How to Handle a Breach of Contract

When you sign a contract with an individual or a business, you do so with the understanding that both parties will adhere to its terms and deliver whatever was promised within the terms of the [...]

How is Medical Malpractice Proven?

We all generally trust doctors and other medical professionals to provide us with competent, attentive care. But sometimes that trust is misplaced, and a patient is harmed in some way. If this has happened to [...]

Is Insider Trading Always Illegal?

If you follow the financial or political news, then insider trading may be a term with which you’re familiar. It may evoke the image of Martha Stewart being sent to jail, or more recently of [...]

How to Avoid a Business Partnership Breakup

Whether you’re talking about a personal relationship or a business relationship, maintaining peace is not always easy. As humans, we are prone to misunderstandings and disagreements, and if we don’t take steps to deal with [...]

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