Small Business Legal Terms You Should Know

Whatever type of business you’re in, there are certain terms, tools, or phrases that are familiar to you but that might as well be a foreign language to anybody outside of your industry, and the [...]

Signs of Accounting Malpractice You Need to be Aware Of

Most taxpayers have neither the time nor the complex knowledge needed to confidently prepare their taxes and financial statements themselves, and as a result, they put their trust in professional accountants. Unfortunately, not every accountant [...]

What is Gross Accounting Malpractice?

Malpractice is any kind of error, omission or deviation from standard practice that causes harm to a client. When it comes to accounting, malpractice specifically refers to a failure to adhere to the Generally Accepted [...]

Ending a Business Partnership with a Friend

Successful partnerships require trust and respect, so choosing a friend for a business partner makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, the things that make a friendship work socially don’t necessarily translate to compatibility within a [...]

What to Avoid When Drafting a Non-Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement can make all the difference in your ability to maintain control of former employees’ actions, but only if the agreement itself is legal and enforceable. There are a surprising number of mistakes [...]

Small Business Law: How to Choose Your Business Structure

When starting a new business, one of your earliest and most important steps is choosing the legal structure under which your business will operate. The right choice will depend upon several different factors, including the [...]

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