Should Employees Always Sign Non-Compete Agreements?

Increasingly, employees are being asked to sign non-compete agreements, and the question of whether or not they should is a tough one to answer. Where these contracts were once used to keep executives or those [...]

Historic Partnership Breakups

Every business partnership – like every marriage – begins with the best of intentions and hopes for the future. But the unfortunate fact is that partnership breakup is far more common than success. Statistically speaking, [...]

When to Call a Small Business Attorney

To most business owners, the idea of needing a small business attorney sounds like part of a nightmare, something that only happens when things have gone very, very wrong. But the truth is that there [...]

Do You Need a Small Business Attorney?

Opening a small business is a dream that many people have, and anybody about to embark on this exciting journey has surely pictured it in their mind a thousand times. No matter what type of [...]

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