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Whistleblower attorneys who file a claim may also refer to that claim as a “qui tam” or false claims act lawsuit; it is specifically a lawsuit in which a private citizen assists the government by suing on its behalf for illegal actions or false claims made to the government. The term “qui tam” originated with the Latin phrase, “qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitor, which translates into “he who sues in the matter for the king, as well as for himself.” When an employee is aware of wrongdoing on the part of their employer they can act as the voice of the government and file suit. The financial reward for taking this action is a sizeable percentage of the total amount that is determined to have been stolen from the government.  If you have a claim, our Whistleblower Lawyer may be able to help.

Whistleblower claims first came into being under President Abraham Lincoln, when contractors providing defective and inferior equipment to the Army were costing the government dearly. Lincoln recognized that providing an incentive to those who were witness to these fraudulent acts would be more effective than trying to detect them, so he established a system whereby those providing inside information on behalf of the government would be rewarded. Since those times the laws have been modified but remain largely the same in principle; acting on behalf of the government can be very rewarding financially.

Those who are aware of fraudulent actions being perpetrated against the government face very specific requirements and an arduous process of proving the value of the case.  They also face strict rules regarding eligibility to file a whistleblower case. Only the first person that files a whistleblower case is eligible to be named the filer, even if there are other employees aware of the same information, or even if they are able to provide greater detail. For this and many other reasons it is important that an experienced whistleblower attorney assists in assessing whether a case is likely to be joined by the government and in preparing the paperwork appropriately. The false claims act attorneys at Bochetto & Lentz are experienced and knowledgeable in filing whistleblower lawsuits, and can help ensure that your preparation and documentation meets the standards that the government requires.

Some industries are more likely than others to be corrupt and to perpetrate fraud. In recent years the majority of successful whistleblower cases have been against the healthcare industry, specifically in the field of pharmaceuticals, and just as in Lincoln’s day, defense contractors are still frequently found guilty of unethical behavior against the government. Whistleblower claims are filed by people who are doing their civic duty as citizens of the United States; they protect the government from fraud, and by extension they are protecting the American taxpayer. They are entitled to protection against retaliation from their employer, and earn the large rewards that they win if their case is brought to trial and the government’s case is proved. If you are aware of fraud being perpetrated against the government by your employer our whistleblower attorneys can assist you in preparing and filing a claim.