In order for a business to operate efficiently, it is important that conflicts over control are taken care of immediately. The best way to address business control disputes is to prevent them from taking place by establishing clear guidelines and methods of mediating conflict. When this has not occurred and arguments arise, they can throw the financial wellbeing of the organization into serious jeopardy, and even lead to dissolution in the worst scenarios. In order to protect partners and shareholders in the enterprise from these negative consequences, it is important to have a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney by your side to help you find solutions. At the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz we have successfully navigated many business control disputes on behalf of our clients, restoring confidence for all involved through a combination of creativity, negotiation and when necessary, litigation.

In most cases business control disputes are best addressed through mediation. Mediation provides a useful and cost-effective alternative to litigation that generally yields a quick and economical resolution of disputes. At Bochetto & Lentz, it is our goal to ensure that both sides in an argument feel that their needs are being addressed while the interests of the business are kept in the forefront of all decisions. In many cases, this type of practical consideration leads to mutually agreed upon settlements that are accomplished without delay, without aggravation, and without uncertainty. While litigation is sometimes necessary, it can be costly in terms of time and stress, and ends up costing the business valuable resources. Mediation allows the business’ principals to quickly return to focusing on operating the organization without the need to pay court costs, to enlist expert witnesses, or the potential fees involved in an appeal.

There are a number of different options available for use in negotiating solutions to business control disputes. These remedies include establishing a new ownership structure, revising the existing operational agreement, or even mediating an agreed buyout.  Achieving any of these solutions may involve a number of additional steps, including obtaining expert valuations and financial assessments of the entity. At Bochetto & Lentz, our experience and wide network of resources informs our ability to efficiently address each of the necessary issues that arise, and provide you with thoughtful legal guidance upon which you can rely. We will evaluate all risks and benefits of each decision being considered in the interest of advancing and supporting your position.

Business control disputes can take place in all kinds of organizations. Whether your business is large or small, pubic or private, we can provide you with a way to protect your company’s best interests. Call our office today to set up a convenient appointment to discuss your situation and learn about how we can help.

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