Issues and arguments that are internal to a corporation are an unfortunately common occurrence. This is particularly true of small corporations, where a minority shareholder may become interested in forcing the company’s dissolution or when shareholders feel that management has become negligent or abusive. In many cases these claims are baseless, and in others they have merit. In all of these corporate control disputes, it is essential that you have an experienced attorney who can represent your interests and help mediate a resolution to the problem. At Bochetto & Lentz, we have handled numerous cases dealing with exactly these types of situations. These disputes can take a tremendous amount of time and money to defend or to pursue, so it is often in both sides interest to attempt to work together, but in some cases litigation becomes necessary. Whatever your position within a corporate control dispute or your end goal, the experienced attorneys at the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz will use our knowledge and experience to further your interests.

Corporate control disputes can run the gamut from disputes regarding purchase-sell agreements and partner disputes to shareholder disputes and disputes among LLC members. They can involve small corporations that are closely held or large publicly-traded corporations. In all of these situations, the issue at hand generally involves a group or individual who holds majority power wielding it over those who have less control and voice. There are a number of different approaches that can be taken, and much of determining the correct approach will have to do with the terms of the corporate documents to which all parties have previously agreed. It is these already existing terms, along with corporate and partnership law, that will decide an outcome if a dispute ends up in court. However, there are many instances when the parties involved prefer to negotiate a settlement or to submit to alternative dispute resolution to resolve the issue. This generally offers a less expensive route then pursuing litigation, and generally leaves both sides feeling as if they have been able to maintain at least a part of the position that they set out with.

Corporate control disputes can wreak havoc within a company, so much as is the case in a divorce, it is generally in the best interests of all involved to find a way to make both sides as happy as possible without the matter becoming too divisive or personal. At Bochetto & Lentz, we are able to quickly assess your goals and intentions, as well as the legal ramifications of the issue, and provide you with a strategy that will achieve the results you seek. Contact us today to set up an appointment to learn more about our corporate control dispute legal representation.