Philadelphia Corporate and Business Lawyers

Business control disputes can occur in companies large and small, public and private. In matters involving takeovers, employee terminations or the dissolution of a corporation or partnership, it is important that appropriate action is taken to protect the rights and investment of all parties and to prevent the misappropriation of proprietary information. The Philadelphia business lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz offers a cost effective and streamlined approach to resolving these disputes. The proper handling of business control disputes requires knowledge and experience that goes far beyond corporate law: it requires expert valuations and financial analysis as well as the ability to remain calm in the face of circumstances that may have tremendous emotional and financial impact.  The main goal of the resolution of all business control disputes should always be preserving and protecting the company and acting in its best interests.

The complex nature of the matters at hand may require litigation, though in some cases the parties are able to resolve their conflicts outside of the court system through mediation or arbitration. Corporate law specifically addresses the role and duties of the different officers in a company and the rights and restrictions that each involved party has, but in cases involving private companies these responsibilities may not be formalized and this casual approach can often exacerbate conflict, or lend to a claim for a breach of fiduciary duty. The attorneys at the law firm of Bochetto & Lentz have experience both in litigating and in resolving these complex matters in a way that preserves business assets and relationships.

In situations where a takeover is attempted, a potential acquirer of a company tries to assume control of a firm without necessarily considering the wishes of those currently operating the entity.  The results may allow the company to continue to operate as it has previously but with profits now going to the new owners, or it may mean a complete liquidation.

The dissolution of a partnership or a corporation or the termination of a valued employee requires careful attention to many details of the company’s operation in order to protect the company’s best interests.  Areas that need to be addressed include: ownership of customer lists and trade secrets and the establishment of and enforcement of non-compete agreements. When necessary, emergency injunctions may need to be put in place or established on a long-term basis. In almost every business control dispute, the law falls on the side of what is fair and reasonable, but that is often a matter of interpretation and bias. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will be able to provide valuable guidance in these types of disputes, while maintaining an eye to preserving the company’s assets and continued operations.

With offices in Philadelphia and South Jersey, the attorneys of Bochetto & Lentz have over 30 years of experience handling issues pertaining to business governance, and are able to represent clients in takeover attempts as well as in the establishment of protections against corporate governance disputes. We have knowledge and experience in negotiating contractual terms for business and partnership dissolutions, and are dedicated to limiting the time and expense that these types of conflicts often involve. Contact us for assistance with this type of conflict.