Recently, founding B&L partner, George Bochetto, and senior B&L associate John O’Connell, conducted a trial before a three member panel arbitration involving a years long business dispute between owners of a large, regional vending business with annual revenues exceeding $18 million. The trial involved the parties’ dispute over a complicated options buy-out contract, where our client’s adversary was enforcing his option to buy our client’s shares based on an erroneous interpretation of the contractual buy-out formula, which, Bochetto successfully argued, was ambiguous and the parties had previously settled. The three member arbitration panel — including two former judges — accepted Bochetto’s arguments in full, resulting in a win for B&L’s client, who received a recovery in excess of $8 million.

Over the years, B&L has earned a reputation for taking on such complicated, commercial litigation cases involving partnership breakups and shareholder disputes in a wide-array of industries. If you think you have problems in the corporate litigation area, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to assist you through it.