Real Estate Attorney

When you are dealing with real estate law, you may need the help of a real estate attorney. Real estate law addresses issues regarding land and any man made attachments that may be on that land, and go far beyond the topic of the sale of property. Issues that may arise involve the relationships between owners of property, the owners of property and their surrounding community, conflicts between the owner and any tenants they may have on property, and the transfer of property and its financing.  It can involve disposals and acquisitions, leasing, joint ventures and development as well.

The Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz is a full service real estate attorney litigation practice with experience in areas including tax appeals to reduce property taxes, the preparation and review of contracts such as agreements of sale, actions to quiet title, and disputes over ownership and boundaries.  Our services include researching land records and titles in order to ensure that all legal matters are cleared prior to settlement, reviewing all contracts and loan commitments to make sure that they are accurate and in our clients’ best interest, acting as escrow agent, preparing the deed and other settlement documents and conducting closings. We are also able to transfer and record property documents , among other valuable services.

  • Real estate litigation may include disputes over ownership, easements or boundaries. It can involve foreclosure and deficiency judgments, leases, purchase and sale agreements, performance disputes, land use and zoning appeals, tax appeals and issues regarding eminent domain. We are able to provide knowledgeable litigation services as well as cost-effective resolution of disputes through negotiation and mediation.
  • Real estate financing encompasses representation and evaluation of a number of different financial transactions relating to real estate. It may include traditional mortgages as well as alternative types of financing, deeds of trust, and sale and leasebacks.
  • Real estate taxation issues involve the representation of property owners appealing the assessed valuation of their property for taxation purposes.
  • Real estate acquisitions and sales, including negotiation and closings, the preparation of contracts and purchase agreements, financing documents, conveyancing documents, escrow instructions and more on behalf of owners, buyers, brokers, lenders and developers.
  • Actions to quiet title are designed to address issues in which there is a conflict over the ownership of property, whether based on a fee simple interest, an easement, a mortgage or mineral, oil or gas rights. It does not involvement an eviction or an ejectment action.
  • Environmental land use issues, including providing due diligence and analysis as well as representation for prospective buyers or developers of individual properties as well as multi-parcel projects and assistance with environmental licensing and permitting statutes and regulations (such as wetlands compliance)
  • Building, fire and zoning code issues, including providing due diligence, as well as representation in resolving code compliance issues with the governing municipality, as well as requests for variances and exceptions.

At the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz we have the experience and knowledge to assist clients through every aspect of real estate transaction, from pre-contract and negotiation through the completion of closing. We are able to provide advice and representation to both residential and commercial buyers and sellers, developers and landlords. Contact us today for more information