Entertainment Lawyers

Entertainment and media law as well as sports law involves the application of a wide variety of different practice areas as it pertains to professionals in the world of amateur and professional sports as well as professionals in the entertainment industry. The most frequently utilized legal concepts come from the areas of intellectual property law, defamation, labor and employment law, contract law, corporate finance and more.  From pre-contract negotiations and business formations to litigation and estate planning, the entertainment lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz have extensive experience in providing successful representation in legal matters pertaining to entertainment, media and sports.

Professional and amateur athletes as well as those at the college and high school levels and those who have retired may require sports law representation. Clients may also include sports marketing companies, professional sports franchises, agents and those that provide products and services to those in the sports industry.  Our previous sports clients include former heavyweight boxer Randall “Tex” Cobb. Cobb, who also appeared in over twenty feature films, was falsely accused of having been involved in a fixed fight by Sports Illustrated. We achieved a $10.7 million dollar jury verdict on his behalf.

Entertainment clients may include actors, models, musicians, and entertainers of all types as well as those in the arts such as authors, singers and songwriters and filmmakers. Among our previous entertainment clients is Jodi Letizia, who played the part of Marie in the original Rocky film. We represented the actress in a breach of contract lawsuit against Sylvester Stallone and MGM studios over their promise that she would reprise her role in Rocky Balboa, the film franchise’s most recent installment.

The services we provide to entertainment, media and sports clients cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Litigation of contractual disputes, intellectual property disputes, defamation, and more for both entertainment professionals and sports professionals.
  • Protection of public image in areas of defamation as well as civil actions required for the protection of public image.
  • Artist representation, including the drafting and negotiation of contracts.
  • Music, including agreements and negotiations, intellectual property rights and copyright protection.
  • Film, including finance and contractual negotiations, talent agreements, production and distribution issues, trademark, copyright and intellectual property issues.
  • Multimedia, including the development and licensing of software and video games as well as intellectual property issues.
  • Print Media, including copyright and intellectual property issues, advertising, author agreements and copyright.
  • Television and Radio, including regulatory and licensing issues.

Entertainment, media and sports clients have the need for the same type of legal representation as those in many private and corporate industries, and the South Jersey & Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz have extensive knowledge in the various areas of practice that ensure their success and protect their legal rights. These include intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, contract negotiation, mediation, business law, and tax law, as well as providing legal advice and counsel.