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Client Reviews & Testimonials

The outcome could not have been better

5/5 Stars

“Gavin and Vincent worked with us on a mediation case, and the outcome could not have been better. They took the time to deeply understand our case, came prepared, and got us a resolution that we could have never done ourselves or with another lawyer. Their ability to think not just about the legal side, but also the business side, of the transaction is impressive. I can’t say enough about how highly I would recommend Bochetto & Lentz.”

The improvement was obvious almost immediate

5/5 Stars

“Gavin and Anton of Bochetto & Lentz has been general counsel for my company since 2013. The improvement was obvious almost immediately from speed of service, execution and efficiency of transactional and strategic work, and personalized approach to our business. We made the move over to them after watching two previous firms mishandle and mismanage our business. The other firms were very expensive and they did not always deliver what they promised.

Anton and Gavin think of us first, not themselves. They focus on getting us the optimal result for the best investment every single time. Even when we recommend a less efficient route, they guide us back to the best strategy rather than letting our emotions get the best of us. They have settled incredibly tough cases in litigation through mediation when it would have benefited them financially to recommend we take it to court. Finally, when they are not experts on a specific part of the law, they let you know rather than pretend they can handle everything.

Thank you, we certainly don’t make it easy on you guys sometimes. We appreciate the hard work.”

Gavin Lentz is top notch

5/5 Stars

“Gavin Lentz is a top notch, no frills attorney, who understands how to save his clients money and get to the most simple solution in business. He will not drag you out. He does what is best for his clients. I recommend Gavin with 5 stars”

Thank You For Everything You Have Done For Me In My Case


“Just wanted to say Thank You for everything you have done for me in my case so far.  When I hired you, I was in dire straits and was at rock bottom of an emotional roller coaster. What a turn around! We are in control now! I know we still have our “final stand” (whether it be a settlement or trial) and hope that we can come to some resolution soon…but I know this Christmas will be a bit merrier for me than the last two years.”

Gavin’s Review

5/5 stars

“I am in receipt of the refund of the balance of my retainer. Just a quick note to say “Thank You”. You are a gentlemen and a true professional. Among attorneys, you stand above and beyond. My hope is that, if I am ever again in need of legal counsel, it will be only for good things, like real estate deals. An if so, you are on the top of my list.”


Small Business Owner-New Jersey

“David has superior listening skills, is very interested in, and understanding your issue, and takes swift and strong measures to ensure a result. And a result we did receive! Excellent experience.”


5 / 5 stars

“Gavin was extremely attentive and prompt with his communication and response.  He continuously followed up throughout the case to make sure all of my needs were met.”


5 / 5 stars

“Philadelphia Lawyer. A lawyer of outstanding ability, a keen scent for the weakness of an adversary’s case and a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of the law. Gavin Lentz fits this description perfectly. Thank the Lord he’s on my side and not vice versa.”


While voting on a five year renewed charter granted by the Philadelphia School Reform Commission after years of litigation, B&L client Community Academy included the following in their Board of Trustee Minutes:

“Mr. Proietta stated that the negotiations took four months and several back and forths over details of almost every paragraph and specifics of language. He wished tothank the law firm of Bochetto and Lentz PC and particularly David Heim, Esq., who represented CAP before Court of Common Pleas, Commonwealth Court, and theCharter Appeal Board to successfully right the wrong that was done to CAP by the former members of the SRC.”

Thank You Gavin!

4.5/5 stars

We want to thank you for all you have done for us. You did more than a lawyer is supposed to do. You are a fantastic lawyer as well as human being. Today, for the first time after 6 months, we and our families are smiling again. Again, thanks a lot. May God bless you.

The best in Philly! You want him on your side

Rich, a Lawsuits & Disputes client
4.5/5 stars

My wife and I had hired an attorney that was moving slow and not making our case a priority. We contacted Gavin and he met with us immediately. He was polite, honest and straightforward. He took over our case and provided us with weekly updates. What took over 6 years was fixed by Gavin in a month! He is a very talented and knowledgeable lawyer and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. You will be lucky to have him on your side!

You want him on your side

A Client

August, 2013

4/5 stars

We recently used Mr. Lentz in a difficult situation with a well known large company. All I have to say is that you want him on your side. It is a great feeling knowing that someone who knows the law well and is aggressive is fighting for you. I would highly recommend him.

I would highly recommend David Heim

Susan Fallon, Business Dispute Client

October, 2013

4.5/5 stars

Nearly two years ago I was introduced to David Heim Attorney at law by a mutual friend. My case was one that involved a family dispute in the estate of our Mother and brother’s estate. After meeting with Dave he was able to guide me through first step in a settlement which was one of many. His goal was to get the job done with thinking of me as the priority. He helped me make decisions that would lead to a favorable outcome. There were times I wished things would have moved quicker but I now know there was a reason for the thorough examination of my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the settlement and would highly recommend David Heim and or his firm.


Geoff, a Landlord & Tenant Client

July 7, 2013

5/5 stars

Gavin handled my problem professionally and got the results I needed. I have never been as impressed with an attorney as I was with Gavin.


Kevin M. Daley, CEO, Peak Performance, A Contracts Client

July 18, 2013

5/5 stars

I have retained many lawyers up and down the east coast over the past three decades. I can say without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever that Gavin Lentz is far the best attorney whether it be for personal or corporate matters.. If you are concerned unnecessary [sic] repetitious [sic] and costly legal procedures that do not produce a result, contact Mr Lentz. He has represented me on several legal matters, both personal and business, all of which resulted in a positive outcome, even the ones I was most concerned with. I am not one to take the time to review or commend anyone, however in this case if you need a no nonsense direct approach, and a lawyer who will produce results contact Mr Lentz.


Shelby a Personal Injury Client

November, 2013

4.5/5 stars

Our case started out with one defendant & morphed into five defendants. Gavin took this all in stride & did an exceptional job for us. We were given updates in a timely manner. He took the time to explain anything we didn’t understand. I don’t think his brain ever stops thinking & you wouldn’t want to be sitting on the opposite side of the table from him! Gavin brought in the best expert witnesses. He did a very thorough job of preparing us for depositions. Gavin is very professional & I don’t believe we could have had a better lawyer. Gavin did prevail & we can’t thank him enough. We highly recommend him.


Ryan Clark, a Lawsuits & Disputes Client

August, 2013

4/5 stars

Gavin took our stalled case and had it satisfactorily settled in 56 days.


Dave, a Litigation Client

July, 2013

4.5/5 stars

My company was working with a large law firm in Philadelphia that had a great reputation. After $50K in legal fees we were nowhere. Gavin stepped in and cleaned up our problem with ease. A problem that hung around our necks for 2 years was gone in 3 months after meeting Gavin.



May, 2013

5/5 stars

I’ve never needed a lawyer in the past, unfortunately my life changed drastically and unexpectedly, that changed everything. I\’m currently still working with Mr. Lentz. I have so far been very pleased and beyond satisfied. After the devastating [sic] and unexpected loss of my young child I did not have much trust or faith in anyone. Meeting him and his partner I was surprised how easy it was to talk with them. They made me feel very comfortable. He has shown such compassion and yet such sternness [sic] and determination to do the right thing to obtain the justice deserved for my family. I personally would not want to go up against him. He has already gone above and beyond in helping me and my family put the pieces [sic] back together [sic] after our tragic, life changing loss. I pray to never be in the situation again to need a lawyer, but if that should happen.. I would not hesitate to call on Gavin Lentz. He has been helpful in so many ways from his intelligence, availability and overall demeanor [sic] [sic]towards my very sensitive circumstance. There are not enough words to describe the comfort and security this man makes me feel. As previously stated i\’m still currently working with Gavin Lentz. I hold him on a very high pedestal and would recommend him to family, friends and anyone in need of a trustworthy, compassionate and hard working good lawyer.

An Attorney Like No Other

Shante, a Medical Malpractice Client

March, 2013

5/5 stars

Gavin lead the way for myself and family. He represented us very well. Words can’t describe it all. No nonsense, knowledgeable, eager, experienced and most of all caring. I would recommend [sic]Gavin full-hearted. The attention he gave my family help us to weather the toughest storm I ever imagined. I know that Gavin will always be the man for the job. I had front row seats, and seen him in action. Things got done, papers got signed, assistance was given, compassion was seen. That’s what you should expect when you are seeking legal representation[sic]. This is why I say Gavin is a attorney like no other.

Excellent Firm!

Ryan, a Medical Malpractice Client

January, 2013

4.5/5 stars

Bochetto and Lentz is a very caring and skilled law firm. When my mother died unexpectedly they made sure that not only justice was done but that I was cared for and got the advice and expertise I needed to continue on with my life. Not only were the in-house lawyers professional and caring but all their outside advisers were as well. They have a wealth of knowledge and will share it with their clients. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Justice served

A Medical Malpractice Client

December, 2012

5/5 stars

Gavin was great. He handled my medical malpractice case. My husband, father of my two children passed away. This was a catastrophic loss for us and Gavin helped make my experience easier to deal with. He was professional, informative and quick to respond to any questions. I never felt uneasy about asking questions. I am pleased with the outcome of the case and it has helped bring some closure to this unfortunate life experience. I would gladly recommend him.

No Nonsense

A Client

October, 2012

4/5 stars

Gavin was great to work with. I would recommend him and use him again if I needed to.


A Medical Malpractice Client

August, 2012

5/5 stars

Gavin is tremendous, He knows what he wants out of the case and he knows how to get it done in a timely fashion. We would have been lost without him and his team. He kept us informed every step of the way. He is truly a Godsent [sic] to us. His advice and counsel [sic] was also tremendous. We are very satisfied with everything he had done for us.

Mr. Lentz is a wonderful attorney!

A Client

July, 2012

5/5 stars

Mr. Lentz is a wonderful attorney. He listens with a compassionate ear and an understanding heart. He is a straight shooter and will always give his honest opinion. His client’s [sic] needs always come first. He will fight with conviction to get the best result possible for his clients.

Excellent Lawyer

Nina, a Litigation Client

May, 2012

4.5/5 stars

I loved working with Gavin. He was straight forward and always to the point. He told us like it was and not what he thought we wanted to hear. He is a very talented and knowledgeable [sic] lawyer and I would recommend [sic] him to my family and friends.

Gavin’s Review 8 – 2011

Woody, a Business Client

March, 2012

5/5 stars

Gavin is a no nonsense attorney whose goal is to advance the case, keep it moving, and get it done, instead of trying to pad his fees like many do. He is a pit bull and a true gentleman at the same time, very honest, and incredibly efficient. I would not want to be opposing him. I have referred him to others who have had the same results. He understands the practical ramifications and the economic impact of doing the right thing, even if it means giving in more that one should have to do. His advice and counsel, plus his efficiency through my 6 year business divorce was priceless.

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