In the United States, we have come to expect that the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the products that we use are all safe, but that is not necessarily the case. Every year there are thousands of people who suffer injuries as a result of products that they have used, and in many cases those injuries are a result of negligence on the part of the manufacturers or others who have been involved in making the products available. When you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product as a result of a product’s design flaw, defect or because appropriate warnings or instructions for its use were not provided, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover damages for the harm that you’ve suffered. The Philadelphia product liability lawyers at Bochetto & Lentz have an extensive record of successfully representing the interests of those who have been injured by defective products, and we can help you too.

Product liability cases can involve just about any type of product that is sold on the market, and as a result the injuries that may be suffered can also vary. Examples of cases that are commonly filed include those involving:

  • Children’s Products
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices

In most cases, a defective product lawsuit will be filed as a result of either a defect in the manufacturing process, a defect in the design, or a failure to provide appropriate or adequate warnings and instructions on the way to use the product safely.  A good way to understand how each of these types of cases would apply would be to take one product and see an example of each kind of lawsuit. If a pharmaceutical company sells a medication that causes harm because it was manufactured in an environment that caused lead to be included in the pills, this would be an example of a manufacturing process defect. If the medication was not contaminated but it turns out that it causes cancer, then that would be a defect in its design. Finally, if the medication was safe, but not to those who are on antidepressants and there were no warnings provided to that effect, then that would be an inadequate warning.

Every product liability case is different, and it is important that you provide yourself with legal representation that has broad experience and a vast knowledge of the laws involving defective products. At Bochetto & Lentz we will listen to you carefully and do extensive research on what happened with your particular case, as well as whether others have suffered similar injuries. We will tell your story in a compelling way to ensure that you receive the highest compensation possible for the injuries that you have suffered. Contact us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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