Does your firm handle cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning we do not have to pay unless there is a recovery made on our behalf?

In appropriate situations, we handle cases on a contingent fee basis. We pay all expenses and all attorneys fees are held in abeyance unless we win your case. Each case is evaluated on its own merit; however, fifty percent of the cases are handled on a contingent fee basis.

Do I need to pay anything to have my case reviewed by you?

Initial consultations at Bochetto & Lentz are on a no charge basis.

What if I want to terminate a contingent fee agreement with another attorney and hire your firm?

Yes, we will deal with the other attorney in resolving any fee disputes.

Does Bochetto & Lentz also handle matters on an hourly basis?

Yes, we handle matters on an hourly basis. Hourly fees are agreed to in advance and you would see a monthly statement of all billing activity pursuant to a written Fee Agreement as required by the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Are there any references available of prior satisfied clients?

Upon request, we will check with our clients on an individual basis and ask them to speak to you about the excellent result we obtained for them.